Airliner High Roof Rack (144" and 170" option)

TouRig, LLC.

  • $2,199.95

Designed and developed with your comfort in mind, our roof racks are among the lightest and quietest on earth. Whether you're looking for additional cargo space, a nice protected environment for your roof utilities or just want to express how rad your van really is. 
+ Powder coated aluminum
+ Low profile design for minimal wind resistance
+ Built-in fairing to keep things quiet and allow wind to move up and over your vents, solar panels, air conditioner, cargo box, etc.

+ Cross bars can be mounted in high or low position for maximum versatility
+ Flat pack for easy shipping and handling
+ Assembles in little time, minimal tools required
+ Bolt-on accessories being developed to meet your changing needs
+ Patent Pending design to assure you have the coolest roof rack on the road


Airliner 144" High Roof Rack Specifications:

Dimensions: 54"x126"x6.75" (LxWxH)
Weight: 62 lbs
Cross bars: 4
Fits Sprinter 144" High Roof vehicle 


Airliner 170" High Roof Rack Specifications:

Dimensions: 54"x164.5"x6.75" (LxWxH)
Weight: 74 lbs
Cross bars: 5
Fits Sprinter 170" High Roof vehicle 


Assembly required.